URGENT ACTION on 3/14/17 – Attend Marin Board of Supervisors Meeting

ACTION on 3/14/17 – Attend Marin County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Who: Marin County Board of Supervisors
What: Hearing regarding lifting the Ban on Slaughter
When: March 14th, 2017, 1:30 PMĀ  ((NEW TIME))
Where: 3501 Civic Center Dr., Room 330, San Rafael, California 94903

The Board of Supervisors is holding their only scheduled hearing on these proposed changes, and they need to hear from you!

*** This is the only scheduled hearing on these amendments. ***

Don’t miss this critical chance to speak out on the issues that affect our community and beloved home — lifting Marin’s longstanding slaughter ban is an unnecessary risk.

Make sure the BoS hears YOUR voice — slaughter operations will harm the economy, the environment, and our quality of life.

Time goes quickly, so some tips: Prepare your talking points or script ahead of time, and bring it with you. Citizens typically get 3 minutes to speak. Representatives of organizations get 5 minutes. If large numbers of people show up, they may cut one minute off each of these allowances, so be prepared for either.

The threat:

Slaughter operations plummet property values and will adversely affect tourism.

Slaughter employment raises crime.

The USDA exemptions for small poultry and all-size rabbit operations (and CDFA exemptions for rabbits and very small poultry operations) create significant public health and safety concerns with little to no inspection and oversight, and so many things that could go wrong — pests, sanitation and germs, sick animals not fit for consumption, animals undergoing immense suffering with careless or improper techniques, and more.

Slaughter operations do not create a family friendly nor enriched environment.

Slaughter operations are among the top polluters of water.

Slaughter operations use excessive water — California struggles with drought.

Slaughter operations fragment farmland and ecosystems, creating impermeable surfaces and unsightly facilities.

We already have bad precedent. Marin County residents have ongoing and significant issues with a rancher slaughtering for personal consumption — unused body parts of slaughtered rabbits have been carried by birds and dropped into water tanks and fields of neighboring properties — and the county has not intervened nor helped the neighbors regain their quality of life in any way.

Marin County is proposing far less regulation than other counties around use permits, a step backward for our county’s high standards.

Slaughter operations create terrible noise and odor pollution, and are unsightly.

Revenue from Marin County animal agriculture is growing rapidly, outpacing other industries. Adding slaughter is not just unnecessary for the bottom line of ranchers, it is harmful to the economic, environmental, and quality of life interests of over 99% of the general population and taxpayers.

Please plan to be there, but also email and write the Marin County Board of Supervisors and the project manager, Jeremy Tejirian, to let them know your concerns: bos@co.marin.ca.us; jtejirian@marincounty.org — and follow up with a phone call to your BoS rep.

More talking points here: http://bit.ly/2gKDlZm